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We are proud owners of Maple Swamp Farm which we purchased in November 2006.  We were tired of the fast pace life in California and felt like God was leading us somewhere else.  We visited many places and although beautiful, none felt like home... Until Maple Swamp Farm was shown to us.  We fell in love with the farm and knew it would be a great place to raise our kids. Milo sold his business and I quit my dental hygiene job which was not easy.  We packed our U-Haul and left California for Kentucky.  We've found that people here are very generous and look out for one another.  The rolling hills of bluegrass and old barns are Old America and breathtaking as well.  Milo and I, who are outdoor people, love working with horses and their owners. We are doing our best to provide a top quality place for your equine friends.


          Milo and Ela Ladwig

Maple Swamp Team

Ela Ladwig - Farm Owner/Head Trainer/ Instructor

Ela has over 35 years experience with horses.  She grew up in Poland where her love of horses developed into a passion.  Her training experience started in Grabowo, Poland where she learned to ride and train horses.  She competed and trained Polish Warmbloods in Northeastern Poland.

After meeting her husband Milo, in 1999, Ela moved to California, where she and Milo were married.  Currently she enjoys training Warmbloods and Friesians in Kentucky.

In 2013 Ela fell in love with dressage and  earned USDF Bronze Medal in 2014 , Silver Medal in 2017 and  Gold Medal in 2021 on her Friesian Stallion Alrick, trained by her.   She emphasizes natural horsemanship in her training.

Ela is also an Equine Artist.

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"Ela has the patience of a saint when it comes to training babies - just what timid or even boisterous youngsters need. She gives any horse she is working with the confidence they need. The results are amazing. I couldn't imagine using anyone else."  -DeeAnn L.


Adalee Ladwig -Young Rider/Eventer/Dressage rider/ Assistant Trainer

Ada is a beautiful, young rider who loves eventing. She is currently training her Oldenburg gelding Diego and homebred mare Argenta.

Ada is also a dressage rider and her mare Argenta and she were KDA Yr 1st level Champions as well as they came 7th at Regionals showing 2nd level. 

Ada is a USDF Bronze medalist and multipule USEA area VIII Champion. 

210-1D_3024 19JS.JPG

"My daughter started training with Ela three years ago and the transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. Not only did my daughter grow and develop under her wonderful instruction, but so did her horse. Ela takes times to consider both rider and horse, addressing the needs of both athletes to achieve success.  I have found Ela's most admirable quality to be her open heart.  She is kind and both my child and her horse are thriving becauseof it."      - Kim R.

"Thank you Ela for such a wonderful pony, Prince is a dream come true! After praying that God would lead us to the right horse farm and Christian owners, we were thrilled that He picked Ela and Milo's farm. We could feel God's love there and knew we were He lead us. The farm is wonderful, but Ela and Milo are what makes it even better. Jill and Ana loved your horses and your indoor arena and can't wait to come back soon! It was well worth the 3 hour drive".     - Much love, Lisa, Jill and Anna

"Kentucky and Maple Swamp farm are fortunate to have my best friend, Ela, and her wonderful family. Although California is not the same without them, I know that they are pursuing Gods calling and taking special care of those around them. I miss you guys!"!     - Kelly D.

"Maple Swamp Farm is beautiful farm, and a very welcoming and happy place. I feel blessed to have met Ela, Milo, Eli, and Ada, as they are wonderful people who love horses as much as I do! Ela is a wonderful horsewoman, painter, web designer and friend. Ela, thank you for a great ride today, I can hardly wait to jump later this week, and compete at the jumper shows and events soon!"     - Leigh D.

Ela and Milo have made Maple Swamp Farm such a peaceful and homey place for horses and their owners.  The serene, green pastures of MSF create an relaxing and inviting atmosphere.     - Karyn B.  

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